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With her soft but deep and colorful voice and her touching lyrics, the 26-year-old singer-songwriter from Tel-Aviv captures the hearts of her audience. Rotem is currently based in London, playing live shows and recording.


In 2014, After releasing several projects on YouTube including “waterfalls”, Rotem captured the attention of acclaimed Israeli producer Roby Fayer (Composer of the Assassin's Creed Trailer soundtrack "Ready to fight"). So, began a collaborative association between the two artists. Together they have released the singles “Safety Land” and “Done Better”.

She writes her songs out of casual observations, about the simple things in life that inspire her the most. She has traveled extensively, performing her music to appreciative audiences throughout Asia, and now in Europe and the UK.

Inspired by artists such as Ben Howard, Tracy Chapman and Bon Iver, she creates intimate shows with her breathy, inviting and comforting sound and energy.

In October 2017 Rotem released her debut single “Hurricane” that had received high rotation on mainstream radio stations across Israel, was featured on “BalconyTV Chamonix”, and is being played on Caffe Nero’s playlist across the UK, Europe and USA. Leading to shows of her acoustic sound on BBC Radio Kent, and some of London’s best venues such as “The Bedford”, “The Half Moon”, “The Finsbury” and many more.

“The vocals are amazing and the harmonies? Dream like.” – Music Injection (“Done Better” Premier AU)

“Rotem has a voice that is luscious and bewitching. It soars and glides with an accent that is difficult to place. Not a single person talking over her music. A truly unique experience.”- Marcus Jamieson-Pond, The REVUE
“Rotem's soft and warm voice combined with beautiful melodies from unexpected, but perfectly fitting instruments, to make the song magical. Big Star takes you on a journey, that you don't want to depart from.” -InkFieldsMusic